Grace Community Church

Sunrise in Death Valley

Given on December 10, 2017 by Brett Helvie
Scripture: Luke 1:57-79

Zechariah was thrilled at the redemption and salvation that were going to result from the visitation of the Lord in the coming Messiah. Do you think people living in our culture feel the need of “salvation” or “redemption” from anything? How can we help people see the need for peace with God through the forgiveness of their sins in a world where the very concept of “sin” is ridiculed? What helped you understand that reality?

If you are a Christian, what “enemies” has the Lord freed you from in your life? How did he bring the “knowledge of salvation” to you? In what ways have you experienced his “tender mercy”? Carve out some time in the midst of this hectic Christmas season and express your gratitude to our amazing Lord.

Mary proclaims that God’s mercy is available to those who “fear” him (v.50) and here Zechariah prophesies that this Savior will enable us to serve him without “fear” (v. 74). How can we reconcile these two statements?

The “shadow of death” hangs over every human being regardless of age. How does this “visit from on high” lead us out of that valley onto the path of peace and life?