Grace Community Church

Ready to Depart

Given on December 24, 2017 by Brett Helvie
Scripture: Luke 2:22-38

What attributes of Simeon and Anna do you think prepared them to recognize their infant Messiah and Savior when so many others of the day remained totally clueless about his arrival? Why do you think Simeon said that he was ready to depart? What enables us to face our departure from this life in a state of peace?

Given what Mary and Joseph already knew about their child, what in Simeon’s prophecy do you think caused them to “marvel”? What did Simeon understand that many of the first Christians failed to recognize?

Luke reiterates the fact that Jesus’ message and salvation are for “all people” (2:10,31-32) – Jews and Gentiles alike! How do you think Jews living under Roman authority would have received this broad view of the scope of God’s salvation? Are there any people or groups of people that you struggle to accept as equally valuable in God’s sight? How can we work to minimize our prejudices?

Both Simeon and Anna had been waiting for the Christ for some time. What promises of God are you waiting to see him fulfill? How can we not waste our “waiting” time? Why do you think God makes us wait, persevere and endure when he could instantly work on our behalf? What can you do to wait well?