Grace Community Church

Grace and Gratitude

Given on November 25, 2018 by Brett Helvie
Scripture: Psalm 107
Sermon Series: Grace Sermons (2018)

What benefits have you seen in your life from having an “attitude of gratitude”? What are some of the costs of ingratitude? What factors need to be present for us to truly be thankful? How do our expectations of life and God impact our level of thankfulness?

Is it possible to be thankful even if the circumstances of our lives are not all that wonderful at the present time? How? What does the Psalmist focus on in calling the “redeemed of the LORD” to give thanks?

How have you experienced the deliverance/healing/redemption/rescue of the Lord in your life? If you are a follower of Jesus, how do you think your life would have looked if the Lord had not saved you?

What did each of the four groups of people described in the Psalm do in order to experience the salvation and love of the Lord? What brought you to the point of “crying out to the Lord”? In what ways can our troubles actually be a gracious gift from God?

This Thanksgiving, consider the possibility of starting a “Gratitude Journal” in which you consciously think through each day and briefly write down one or two items for which you are truly grateful to the Lord…it’s amazing how reviewing God’s to us goodness can change our outlook on life!