Grace Community Church

Living “On Mission” Is No Picnic!

Given on September 4, 2022 by Brett Helvie
Scripture: Matthew 10:16-42

If some part of your future was going to be very difficult, would you prefer to know in advance or remain blissfully uninformed? What are the benefits and dangers of both approaches?
Jesus pulls no punches when he informs the twelve disciples of what they will encounter as they are sent out to represent him and share the Good News of the Kingdom. Why do you think he was so direct?
Do you think the “cost” of following Jesus is adequately discussed in our churches? What motivates believers to downplay the downside of following Jesus – especially when sharing their faith? In what situations are you tempted to not “acknowledge” that you follow Jesus?
For many believers around the world, the cost of following Jesus looks much like the picture Jesus paints in this passage. However, we in the West rarely experience overt physical persecution. What do you think are some of the “costs” of following Jesus in our culture. Can you think of any ways that following Jesus has “cost” you?
What do you think motivated the disciples to spread the Gospel despite the opposition and persecution? What helps and motivates you to “acknowledge” Jesus in your world?