Grace Community Church

I’ll Do It My Way!

Given on April 29, 2018 by Brett Helvie
Scripture: Genesis 4:1-26
Sermon Series: Beginnings

What do you think Eve was hoping for in the birth of Cain (meaning “acquired” or “brought forth”)? Do you think it is significant that she named her second son Abel (meaning “breath” or “meaningless”)? What do we learn about these two boys’ characters and personalities from this chapter and the New Testament? See Luke 11:50-51, Heb. 11:4; I Jn 3:12

Why did God look with favor on Abel and his offering and reject Cain and his offering? Why do you think Cain approached God in his own way instead of in the way that the Lord had prescribed? Why was Cain very angry (a strong word meaning burning/seething with rage)? How do you see the tendency to want to approach God in our own way showing up in our culture and the church?

What does the image of sin “crouching” tell us about our struggle with sin? Are there any “crouching” sins in your life presently that the Lord is warning you to get control over before they control you?

What evidence do you see of the Lord’s grace and patience with Cain in this chapter? Did Cain’s life completely fall apart after his sin? Would his family have been considered “successful” and “important” by the world’s standards? Is this “fair”? See Ps. 73