Grace Community Church

God’s Design Unthwarted by Our Depravity

Given on March 17, 2019 by Brett Helvie
Scripture: Genesis 38 abd 39
Sermon Series: Beginnings

Both Judah and Joseph were away from the spiritual influence of their home and family (38:1; 39:1) – Judah voluntarily and Joseph involuntarily. How do they react to their immersion in a different culture? What does their reaction indicate about their character and their faith in God? How do you respond when you are away from
those who know you? What do your actions indicate about your heart, your character and your relationship with Jesus?

Our sexuality is a wonderful and powerful gift from God (read the Song of Solomon!) but it can become an enslaving addiction when used inappropriately. In our culture, where almost any expression of sexuality is “healthy” and any limits on the expression of our sexuality are considered “unhealthy”, how can we who follow Jesus maintain our integrity in this area of our lives? What allowed Joseph to maintain his purity in the midst of repeated temptations?
Many of us have fallen short of God’s standards for our sexuality and still struggle to maintain our purity. Remember, God’s choice of us shows the supremacy of his grace not our merit! He chose Judah as the forefather of our Lord! God can even redeem our broken sexuality (amazingly Tamar and Judah are included in Jesus’
genealogy in Matthew!). If you are struggling in this area, seek out help from a trusted friend or mentor and be honest.