Grace Community Church

God Remembered Noah (Part 2)

Given on May 27, 2018 by Brett Helvie
Scripture: Genesis 8:1-9:17
Sermon Series: Beginnings

Have you ever been through a period where you were waiting for God to act and he seemed distant or absent? How did you handle that “desert” time? What did you learn about yourself and God during that time?

The Psalmists repeatedly ask the Lord, “How Long?” (Psalms 6:3; 13:1; 35:17 etc.) sometimes adding, “will you forget me forever?” Is it possible for God to forget us? How should we respond to these statements? What do these statements reveal to us about our emotions as we seek to relate to and walk with God?

Noah saw that the earth had dried up, but still waited 57 days until the Lord called him off the ark (8:13-16). What challenges and temptations would he have faced during that time when the earth seemed “ready” but God had not yet said, “Go!”? What role should circumstances play in seeking to follow God? Have you ever been led astray by “circumstances”?

Noah’s first act once he left the ark was to worship the Lord. How would you define “worship”? What does the New Testament say about worship? What role does worship have in your life? How can you enhance your worship of Jesus?