Grace Community Church

Getting to Gratitude

Given on November 26, 2017 by Brett Helvie
Scripture: Psalm 100
Sermon Series: Grace Sermons (2017)

How important do you think having an “attitude of gratitude” is for us in our earthly relationships and in our relationship with God? What happens to these relationships when gratitude slips away?

Many social commentators note that we live in an “entitlement generation” where our default is to think that the world and God owes us a “good” life. How does this impact our level of thankfulness? How do you think that humility and gratitude are related?

Do you think Paul’s statement to “give thanks in all circumstances” is just so much religious blather that is totally impossible in “real” life? If not, how can we demonstrate authentic gratitude in the midst of life circumstances that are neither comfortable nor desirable?

Take a pad of paper and some time this holiday season and write down things that you are grateful for…from the mundane to the profound. Express your gratitude to those in your life for whom you are thankful – it will be an encouragement to them and beneficial for you!