Grace Community Church


Given on April 8, 2018 by Brett Helvie
Scripture: Genesis 3:7-13
Sermon Series: Beginnings

Adam and Eve immediately began to experience the fallout of their disobedience – they were aware of their nakedness and attempted to cover themselves. The fear of being found “naked” physically, emotionally, and spiritually is still very evident in the human race. What feeble “coverings” do we sew together in the 21st century in an attempt to hide our true nature from God and others? What makes honestly acknowledging our sin to God and others so frightening?

What does God’s approach to his disobedient children reveal about his nature and attitude toward sinful humanity? What other approaches could God have taken? Since God is omniscient and knows where Adam and Eve are, why does he ask, “Where are you?” If God posed that question to you, how would you answer?

We live in a culture that has raised the ability to see oneself as a “victim” to an art form. Though sin does leave genuine victims in its wake, we so often follow Adam’s and Eve’s response in blaming others and even God for our failures. Are you attempting to avoid responsibility for your own sinful choices in any area of your life right now through blaming God, someone else, or the circumstances you find yourself in? What does the Lord ask you to do when you disobey him?

If you are a believer in Jesus Christ, how does the reality of your sin impact your ability to be honest? To admit your failures? To take responsibility for your actions? To deal with your fears of being “exposed”? To run to God instead of hiding from him? What must we understand about God’s character if we are to run to him even in the midst of our failures?