Grace Community Church

Euology for a Friend of God

Given on October 21, 2018 by Brett Helvie
Scripture: Genesis 25:1-18
Sermon Series: Beginnings

As you think back over Abraham’s life, what experiences or aspects of his personality resonate with you? Why do you think God includes the instances of Abraham’s failures in the resume of his life that we find in Genesis?

Trusting despite the circumstances, waiting, living with uncertainty, understanding the inadequacy of his best efforts, loving others sacrificially, living with an eternal perspective, obeying without completely understanding how things will work out, living free from the pull of materialism – all of these seem to be lessons that Abraham had to learn in his walk with God. Since Abraham is the “father of all who believe”, it is likely we will have to learn similar lessons as we seek to live a life connected with God. Which of these lessons is God “schooling” you in now?

The New Testament focuses on the importance and nature of Abraham’s faith/trust in God (Romans 4, Hebrews 11, James 2). What can we learn about a life of genuine trust in God from the life of Abraham? Does your trust have similar characteristics?