Grace Community Church

Dealing with Our Doubts

Given on September 18, 2022 by Brett Helvie
Scripture: Matthew 11:1-15

Have you ever had a season, after your initial salvation, where you were struggling with doubts? What do you think brought on those doubts? If you are no longer in that season, what enabled you to move beyond your doubts?
What do you think was causing John the Baptist to wonder if Jesus really was the Messiah at this point in his life? How can faulty expectations of what life with Jesus “should” look like cause us to doubt Jesus and his love for us? Are you allowing Jesus and his teaching to shape your expectations or do some aspects of his teaching “offend” you?
Os Guiness was asked, “What would you say is the hardest test for faith – a crisis, disappointment, disaster or delay?” He responded, “Unquestionably it is delay!” Do you agree? Why do you think we find waiting so difficult and doubt producing?
How can we become a church that is “merciful” to those who are struggling with doubt? (Jude 22). What happens when doubts are repressed or ignored? Are there times when we should refrain from sharing our struggles with doubt?