Grace Community Church

Conquering Conflict!

Given on July 15, 2018 by Brett Helvie
Scripture: Genesis 13:1-18
Sermon Series: Beginnings

What was the visible cause of the conflict between Abram and Lot? What do you think were the
underlying factors (see James 4:1-10)? How do you generally respond when there is a conflict – especially
when it is with another believer? What can we learn from how Abram handled this conflict?
We live in a culture where people are obsessed with getting their “rights”. How should a believer view this
issue? What attitude did Abram exhibit regarding his “rights” in the conflict with Lot? How does our pride
and our level of trust in the Lord impact our handling of conflicts? See also Matt. 5:21-26; I Cor. 6:1-8
When you are faced with a major choice, what method or criteria do you used in arriving at a decision?
What influenced Abram’s decision? What do you think influenced Lot’s decision? What factors did he not

How did the Lord respond to Abram’s gracious manner of handling this conflict? Do you see evidence of
growth in his faith since the episode in Egypt? As you look back over the years, do you see growth in the
way you handle conflict? How has your level of trust in the Lord and his control your life impacted your
decision making process?