Grace Community Church

Compassionate Eyes

Given on January 28, 2018 by Brett Helvie
Scripture: Various
Sermon Series: Target 2018

What opportunities has God placed in your life to build relationships with those who don’t yet know Christ? Can you say that you are “making the most” of these opportunities? If not, what are some changes that you can make that may enable you to connect more effectively with unbelievers?

What has been your experience with sharing the Gospel with those who don’t yet believe? Is evangelism our responsibility or God’s responsibility? What role does prayer play in our attempts to share our faith? See Colossians 4:2-6

What common objections to Christianity have you run into as you have talked with others? Have you wrestled through these objections in your own mind? Do you feel prepared to respond to these objections when they arise in conversation? I Peter 3:15-16

Should living in a culture that rejects absolute truth impact how we share the Gospel? What role do deeds of compassion play in our evangelistic efforts? Do you think asking questions and listening is more important now than it was in a previous generation? Why or why not?

Ask the Lord to bring one person to mind and commit to praying regularly that the Lord would use you to open their mind and heart to the glorious Good News of Jesus Christ in 2018!