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Sunday School: 9:30 AM, Worship Service: 10:45 AM

Essential Encouragement

How vital is the encouragement of other believers in our journey of faith? What challenges have you faced since becoming a believer that have caused you to get discouraged? How have other believers refreshed and encouraged you to continue to walk with the Lord? What is the difference between flattery and encouragement?

What qualities make someone a good encourager? What role does challenge and confrontation play in the encouragement process…if any? As you think about your friends in the faith, are there any who might need some refreshment and encouragement at this time? What can you do to lift their spirit?

Paul faced opposition in his ministry on a regular basis. Here he changed his travel plans due to a Jewish plot to take his life (v. 4). As followers of Jesus, how should we respond to danger and risk? Is it more spiritual to just “trust the Lord” to protect us or to cautiously attempt to avoid trouble and danger? See also Mt. 4:6-7

What do we learn from this section of Scripture about what was important to the early church as they met together? What would motivate them to stay up all night listening to Paul – notwithstanding Eutychus’ brief nap!

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