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Sunday School: 9:30 AM, Worship Service: 10:45 AM

Riotous Christianity

As you interact with people who hold different views, are you one who relishes opportunities to confront the sinful practices of our society or are you one who tends to withhold comment when you know your Christian views will cause tension and conflict? What are the dangers of both of these approaches?

How should we respond to those who state that a person’s religious beliefs are fine as long as they are confined to one’s private life?

As you look at our culture, what institutions and groups of people do you think would feel threatened by the spread of authentic Christianity? If all believers were to live like you, would any modern “idol” makers feel an economic impact? Is the Holy Spirit nudging you to make any lifestyle changes?

As believers, how should we respond to those who oppose Christianity – even if their opposition has not really been thought through (v.32)? Would people with whom you have disagreed say that, despite your differences, you treated them with love and kindness? See II Timothy 2:22-26; I Peter 3:13-16

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