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Sunday School: 9:30 AM, Worship Service: 10:45 AM

Our Disturbing Jesus

In what way has Jesus “disturbed” your life – your thinking about religion, power, control, finances, etc.? If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, how has your relationship with God changed your thinking and your behavior?

In Ephesus, many looked to magic, spells, and spiritual powers in order to attempt to gain control over their lives and destiny. As you look at our society today, what sources of power do people look to in an attempt to control their lives and secure their futures? How effective are these sources of power in really changing things?

As you think about your relationship with Jesus, are there certain things from your past that you may need to “burn” in order to fully follow him – even though letting go of those things may be “costly” in some sense? If you sense the Lord prompting you to do this, I’d urge you to confess it to a fellow believer and ask for their help in order to make a clean break.

As you look at our culture, what institutions and groups of people do you think would feel threatened by the spread of authentic Christianity? As believers, how should we respond to those who oppose Christianity – even if their opposition has not really been thought through (v.32)? See II Timothy 2:22-26

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