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Sunday School: 9:30 AM, Worship Service: 10:45 AM

Cross Cultural Communication and Confrontation

How does Paul’s message to the Areopagus here compare to his message in the synagogue in Antioch (Acts 13)? How does he accommodate the message to his audience? What changes in his approach do you see? What remains the same?

How does Paul respond to the culture and beliefs of Athens? How would you describe Paul’s attitude toward the people living in that culture? How are you responding to the rapid shifts taking place in our culture? Are there shared values or beliefs in Christianity and our secular culture that we can use to start a dialog with those who aren’t familiar with the Gospel?

What appears to be the central focus of Paul’s message here? Though Paul was gracious in his delivery, his message on the nature of the true God, the need for repentance, the resurrection of Jesus and his coming judgment would have strongly challenged their worldviews. What aspects of the Gospel do many in our culture today find unbelievable and often lead to mockery?

Maintaining a balance of being gracious in our conversations without watering down those aspects of the Gospel that our culture finds offensive is challenging! Are you one who tends to be overly confrontational in sharing truth – failing to look for any common ground that we may have with those who don’t yet believe? Are you one who finds it easier to focus mainly on areas of common interest while minimizing or failing to share the aspects of the Gospel that are offensive to people with a secular worldview? Pray that the Lord would enable you to be full of grace AND truth.

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