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Sunday School: 9:30 AM, Worship Service: 10:45 AM

Open Hearts, Open Doors, Changed Lives!

Lydia was successful, affluent, and moral, yet Luke shows us that she still needed to hear and believe the Gospel. The slave girl was impoverished and in physical and spiritual bondage – at the opposite end of the spectrum from Lydia. The jailer, likely a retired Roman soldier, finds himself about to lose his job and possibly his life. How is the Gospel “good news” to each of these people in their specific situations?

How should we go about communicating the Good News to those who seem to be living the “good” life already and don’t appear to have any obvious needs? How should we go about ministering to those who find themselves in very dark places – in spiritual and material bondage? How does the Gospel bring hope to those who have become hopeless?

How do you see the interplay of human initiative and divine activity in this section? How does an appropriate understanding of our role and God’s control prevent us from becoming apathetic in our witness AND from feeling overwhelmed by the burden of producing “results” when we share the Gospel?

Spend some time this week making a “Top 10 List” of ten people whose hearts you would love to see God open. Begin to pray regularly for them. Whether they are “good” and “successful” or addicted and barely making it or somewhere in between, pray that God would open a door for you to share and that he would then open their hearts to believe.

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